3 Reasons you should pressure washed your deck or patio

A deck or patio is the heart and soul of the house, especially if it has a beautiful view. People spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right building material so that the surface doesn’t erode and requires less maintenance. It is an ideal place for holding family gatherings, playdates and BBQs.


Experts suggest that you should power washed your deck at least once a year from the professionals. Hence if the need arises, you can call an early shot too.

The weather of a region is the deciding factor to determine the frequency of power washes; torrential rain, humidity and hot climate strips off the paint and causes a lot of wear and tear to the surface.


Here are the top three reasons why your deck needs to be power washed:


  1. Increases the curb appeal

Power washed increases the curb appeal of the house. Regular maintenance increases the value of the property and prevents the house from major repairs.


  1. It is subject to grime, dirt, mold and algae

The deck is the prime area, used by every member of the family for various reasons. Kids used this place for all their outdoor fun and activities that get messy at times. Adults use the space for relaxing and outdoor brunches. Spillage, foot traffic and leftover food particles become a breeding ground for mold, algae and causes dirt and grime to pile up.


  1. Sealing and stripping requires cleaned surface

Sealing adds the protective coat to the deck surface and adds years to its life. It is the cardinal rule of sealing that the surface should be cleaned thoroughly. Once the surface is pressure washed, sealing and striping can be carried out.

Don’t procrastinate! Schedule a visit from PSW. Our experts will examine your deck and will suggest the most suitable plan of action for you.

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