Concrete is a widely used construction material in the world due to its high durability and resistance. It provides a solid foundation to buildings, structures, complexes, pavements, driveways and parking lots

Despite its strength, concrete surfaces changes due to natural and human factors. The wear and tear in any structure is a common sight but how one respond to those changes makes a lot of difference. The early the problem is detected and solved, the better it is.

Before you jump to repair any damage you should be clear about:

  • What has caused the crack?
  • Is it a minor or a major crack?
  • Is it disrupting the structure?
  • Is the location of the crack damaging the other structure?

At times, it is easy to answer some not all the questions on our own without taking any professional help. But any sort of negligence can aggravate the problem and may make repair impossible.

Ways to deal with the crack
Once the cause of the crack is known, a suitable plan of action can be taken to repair the crack. Cracks can be repaired for functional and cosmetic reasons.

Epoxy injections
Epoxy injections are a cost-effective solution to repair a crack that is as narrow as 0.013 mm. For the adhesives to be effective the cracks must be completely free from all the debris by pressure washing and must be as dry as bone. Epoxy injections are more suitable for repairing horizontal surfaces

Routing and Sealing
This method is used to repair small and large cracks. With the routing machine, the crack is made bigger and deeper to make more space for the sealant to fully immerse. It strengthens the foundation and increases its lifespan.

The purpose of stitching is to strengthen the aggregate interlock. There are two types of stitching cross-stitching and slot stitching. Both techniques are efficient under different circumstances.

Resurfacing is the last resort, when all other methods and techniques have failed and the cracks have caused structural damage then only resurfacing can be performed.

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