Why parking lot need striping?

Businesses, in general, focuses on sales and leaves no stone unturned. They do everything in their power to generate numbers, draw more customers and expand their reach. While focusing on numbers, they do give a lot of weightage to the overall customer experience. For the brick and motor stores, the availability of parking space can be a deal-breaker.

A well-planned parking lot increases the visual appeal of the commercial block, diffuses clients’ worry about secure parking, and makes space for people with special requirements. Striping is essential for setting reserved space for

  • Disabled person
  • Expectant mother
  • Mother with an infant
  • Pickup drivers
  • Employees
  • First responders
  • Heavy vehicles for loading and offloading goods

Parking space also requires a regular maintenance plan to keep the surface and the strips in proper order. Moreover, striping offers these benefits:

  • Improves the flow of traffic
  • Reserved parking slots make it easy for the drivers to locate their space conveniently
  • Entrance and exits markings direct the traffic well
  • It minimizes traffic accidents
  • Adherence to the legal and safety measures
  • It saves the business from incurring heavy fines for not adhering to legal and ADA standard guides

We understand what striping can do to your business. Contact PSW for chalking out a new
striping plan for your parking lot. Also, you can hire us to revamp your space with fresh paints

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